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In total, there are over one billion people all over the world who have disabilities. According to the World Bank, there are 370 million indigenous people, among whom an estimated 54 million (nearly fifteen percent) have disabilities. Indigenous people already face many types of discrimination in the countries they live in, which makes it more difficult for Disabled and Indigenous Persons to protect their rights. 


While the UN has not created an agency to specifically address issues related to Disabled and Indigenous Persons, it has been working to improve the lives of these people by creating several programs and adopting policies to enforce the rights of people who can be categorized as belonging to indigenous groups, and who also happen to be disabled.


The goal of this committee is to have countries view people who are disabled in a different light, as well as emphasize the fact that these people should be able to exercise their rights.

SOCHUM - Social, Cultural, and Humanitarian Committee (UNGA 3rd Committee) 

Agenda item: Empowering Role of Individuals with Disabilities in Entrepreneurship

Under-Secretary General: Elif Yağmur Pekcan (

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