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UN Women

Although women make up one-third of the formal labor force and perform roughly two-thirds of all work globally (including household tasks), they barely receive one-tenth of global income and own one-hundredth of global property. Women's lives can be improved through entrepreneurship all throughout the world. 
In spite of the fact that gender inequality is a significant problem, efforts to achieve gender parity in the formal workplace and globally have not yet reached their ideal levels. Because there are more options for women to operate a business and be their own boss, the number of women who are entrepreneurs is increasing tremendously. This gives women the ideal working environment, one that is flexible enough to accommodate their busy schedules and many family commitments. However, entrepreneurship is a tough and complicated activity; in comparison to males, women confront unique difficulties that require careful consideration.

UN Women - The United Nations Entity for Gender Equality and the Empowerment of Women

Agenda item: Empowering Women's Role in Entrepreneurship

Under-Secretary General: Ayşe Melike Karaboz (

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